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Blood Alley Smells a Little Hoppy

It was a bitterly crisp winter evening when Gassy Jack tripped, fell and skinned his knee on a cobblestone laneway that would thereafter be known as “Blood Alley”.  Re-enact Gassy’s famous stumble with help from the recently introduced Blood Alley Bitter Ale.

Coming from Russell Brewing Company to mix up the beer connoisseur menu, Blood Alley Bitter was created as part of the Russell Brewmaster Series, with packaging that summons the demons of slaughtered pigs who were never able to overthrow the oligarchic Gastown meatpackers despite an alliance between Napoleon and Snowball.

It’s an Extra Special Bitter (ESB) style of beer that is well balanced and rich with robust roasted malt flavours and a crisp bitter finish. Available in kegs and 650ml bottles, Blood Alley Ale stands out from the average 6 pack.

By scoring a 50 on the International Bittering Units scale, it breaks the rules by being a bit more bitter than the average ESB; but still much less bitter than your boss, that SOB.

Russell Blood Alley Bitter is brewed to 5.5% abv, and is available at private liquor stores, as well as on tap at select pubs and restaurants

As a limited edition beer, make sure you pick it up now before it disappears, leaving you, well, a little bitter.

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