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It’s Easy Being Cheesy

Residents of the la belle province love all things cheesy; see Celine Dion and Roch Voisine for exhibits A and B. Thankfully, this is also the case when it comes to their favourite food.

Putting down the guillotine on the Vancouver poutine scene, La Belle Patate.

Started by a native Montrealer who was appalled by the lack of premium curd poutine in Vancouver, La Belle Patate features nearly 30 variations of poutine in small, medium or large sizes. Stick with the Traditional or branch out to specialty poutines like Poutine Extreme (beef, bacon, mushroom, onion), the Meat Lover (beef, bacon, pepporoni), or Breakfast (bacon, eggs, bacon).

Located on the Davie strip, you’ll want to drop in after a night of trying to convince the bi-curious ladies at Celebrities not to switch teams afterall. No doubt having failed, you can wash down your sorrows with $3 beers, while trying to conquer something you might actually have a chance with — an all-you-can-eat poutine buffet.

Take a gander at the menu, or head to Davie and Bute anytime between 11am and late.