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Social Fluency: Make’em Swoon Like the Cloon

Life would be a whole lot simpler for guys if we could just get a hold of the “cool juice” that transformed Steve Urkel into Stefan Urquelle. Helping us let loose our “cool genes” without a magic potion, Social Fluency.

Social Fluency is a local company dedicated to helping its clients improve their chances with Vancouver’s top bachelorettes. We’re not talking pick up lines and bling; Social Fluency is about turning Nice Guys into Good Men through teaching the art and science of communication. According to Jordan Gray, a partner at Social Fluency, building better men is about shedding the layers of societal baggage which have conspired to turn men into one of two equally poor versions of themselves: Douchebags or Doormats.

Everybody knows the Douchebag. This is a guy who may be able to bed loads of women, but does it in a deceitful way. He’s a liar and a cheater. He’s the bad boy the girls are always fretting and regretting. While the Douchebag may seem to have it made (in a d’bag way), according to Gray, he will eventually discover that when he wants to spend some time with a quality girl, he is completely ill-equipped to attract anything more than a bar star.

Slightly less known is the Doormat. The Doormat and his prevalence in Vancouver is the reason why the Douchebag gets laid so often. This is a guy who can’t express his sexuality to save his life. He often finds himself in the “friend zone”, and can’t fathom why. For some reason, women just want to tell the Doormat all about that darned Douchebag she keeps shagging, making the sexually repressed Doormat want to jump off the Lions Gate Bridge.

According to Gray, the ladies don’t want the Douchebag, but they do want sex, and the Doormat just isn’t stepping up to the plate. Given this conundrum, Social Fluency helps turn Doormats into Good Men. These are guys that are not afraid to express their sexual desire but do so in a confident and genuine way. Think George Clooney.

Whether you want to sleep with them once or death do them part, Social Fluency can teach you how to be a Mensch either way.