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Nothing Plain about Meat and Bread

Even the big guy upstairs knew that man cannot live by bread alone. That’s why he gave us guns. For a lunch of biblical proportions, there’s Meat and Bread.

Dishing their wiches out of two downtown Vancouver locations (next to Victory Square and at Pender and Thurlow), these guy-themed dens of awesomeness give you the feeling this is a place Rocky Balboa would frequent if he weren’t trapped inside the body of that hack Sylvester Stallone.

Meat and Bread stack their sandwiches with slow roasted porchetta (fancy pork), chicken or meatballs for a reasonable price ($7-8). And for the misguided non-carcass consumers who haven’t been cured of their meatophobia they offer a thick grilled cheese sandwich and a soup and salad option.

The focus on a few key menu items means the service is quick if you’re in a hurry. If you’re not, grab some brews, a Bacon Maple flavoured ice cream sandwich ($3), and take the rest of the day off work — cause you’ve just earned it.

Get there before 12pm to beat the line.