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A Kino Solution to Dating

First dates can be a little awkward, from the uncomfortable lulls in
conversation to the nervous laughter accompanying the faux negotiation over who’s pickin up that ridiculous cheque; yes, you dropped a hundred bones on a Wednesday night and you’re not even getting any.  For a unique date spot that won’t lead you to climb out the bathroom window before dessert, check out Kino Cafe.

Founded in 1987, Kino Cafe began as a small neighbourhood coffee house next to the historic Park Movie Theatre on Cambie. Since the 90’s it has featured daily Flamenco dance acts, along with other musical performances and comedy shows.  In other words, you and your date will have plenty to chat about on any given night. For example, you can say how pretty the dancers are, and she will act upset, but really she likes you more for saying it, and you know that she knows….ah, The Games!! Just tell her you like her shoes and everything will be fine.

Kino’s menu includes a wide range of affordable tapas, as well as mains that never top $15.  Fan favourites include Patatas Bravas, Spanish Chorizo, and Albondigas (Spanish meatballs).  Kino also does a mean nachos, which at $11.50 leaves plenty of budget for their pitchers of delicious, mediocre date improving, sangria.

Wednesday through Sunday are their signature flamenco performances; Mondays are for World Music, and Tuesdays are for comedy.

Tell your date you appreciate the Duende of the performer for extra points, you renaissance man, you.