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A New Kind of High Life in Vancouver

You roll through town in a sleek black limo, thoroughly relaxed after a massage at the spa, about to be ushered into an exclusive Gastown lounge, bypassing all the lined up schmucks who enviously look on as you’re poured a glass from your bottle of complimentary Champagne.

But you’re just getting started; tomorrow you’re hopping on a plane to Vegas, where you’ll stay for free at one of the Caesar’s Palace Hotels and be shuttled around the city by a private host.

No, you’re not having a yuppie wet dream. You’re a member of MyBlackCard, a new to Vancouver VIP service for young professionals. The card opens up a world of special offerings, from no-line, no-cover at swank lounges to free image consultations and personal shopping services.

It’s like you’re kind of big deal.

MyBlackCard is already rolling in Edmonton, Calgary and Las Vegas, and as a member of their club, you’re eligible for those deals too.

Access to the VIP card comes with a price tag of $300 but they promise the benefits will far exceed this cost.

So get classy Vancouver and check them out.