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A New Nu Shop

Greece: land of ancient wonders, of natural beauty, and of a populace too obsessed with delicious food and chilled Ouzo to worry about paying off national debts (or so the German taxpayers would have us believe). For a Greek experience that won’t force you to take austerity measures, Nu Greek Robson.

When it comes to hole in the wall wrap shops, you may have some options in the downtown core, but none can tzatziki-up to Nu Greek. Courtesy of Harry Kambolis, the owner of fine dining estabs like Raincity Grill, C Restaurant and Nu Restaurant (the bigger, fancier Nu family eatery), Nu Greek Robson is a souvlaki lovers dream. And it should be, because Kambolis is a Souvlaki Samurai. He spent his high-school years working with his late Uncle, who had the young Kambolis train in the ancient art of Greek meat as they sold thousands of skewers at his small stand along English bay.

Nu features a selection of reasonably priced wraps ($6.50) and in addition to your chicken and lamb staples, they’ve got salmon and octopus (yes, octopus) options.  If you’re looking for the best bang for your hard-earned buck get the Gluten Free meal. For $8.50 you get two good sized skewers of lamb and/or chicken, as well as fresh salad, a mound of mint chickpeas and a bottle of water, which should be just enough grub to get you through a debt default crisis.

Already slinging wraps from two street carts (Nu Greek Street and Nu Greek Street 2), the Nu family added Nu Greek Robson in late August 2011 and wedged it between puff purveyors Beard Papa’s and the Japadog store. So if you like, you can cover your dog in whipped cream and jam it in a wrap (Greek style!).

The secret has started to get out about this magic Mediterranean meat stand, so get there before 12pm to beat the line.