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Don’t Feel Guilty for Playing Games

There are times in a man’s life when he just wants to get drunk and sink another man’s battleship. If you don’t feel like joining the Russian navy, check out Gastown’s Guilt & Co.

A stellar menu of board games and craft beers, burlesque shows, and their weekly risque cabaret act are just a few of the reasons this drinkery has created a loyal following since its opening a year ago. Self-proclaimed “mad scientists”, Guilt & Co. reveals its Dr. Hyde through experiments like Music Roulette, where artists who are often meeting for the first time on stage, put on one-of-a-kind live performances.

Located in a cavernous heritage space below Chill Winston, this quirky spot is the perfect testing venue for a first date. Assess her spelling with Scrabble, her money management with Monopoly and her flexibility with Twister; for a private examination, retire to the stylish unisex bathrooms.

If she passes GO, order her a delicious Longboat Chocolate Porter and you may have just found your way into her community chest.

Open every day but Monday; get there early to score the life-size Jenga.