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Firefly Wines and Ales. Your Hoppiness. Guaranteed.

Making a good choice is much easier with a large selection. For one, you don’t have to settle for what’s just good enough; and two, if you make a bad choice, you can always try something new the next time; like a different brand of cereal for the family or a new porn star for Tiger Woods. For a place with a selection of more than just blondes, check out Firefly Fine Wines and Ales.

Located just up from the Canada Line at Cambie and 12th, Firefly is a sleek and stylish wine ‘n ale shop, with a classy, fine-dining feel, boasting walls of connoisseur-worthy wines and a massive walk-in cooler stocked with enough hoppiness to stave off any brewing Fall depression. With over 600 beers ranging from the common and the not-so-common locals (Paddock Wood, Sea Cider, Fat Cat Brewery), to the somewhat obscure imports such as Kenya Breweries, Pinkus, Flying Dog, and Monty Python’s, you might just wake up with a considerable hang over and a new found mastery of the silly walk.

Speaking of becoming a master, Firefly regularly offers evening beer and wine tasting seminars where you can learn about people who are ridiculous enough to eat at the same time as they drink, which everyone knows is a buzz killer. But if perhaps you’re thinking about impressing a certain lady friend by hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you may want to check out their October 6th seminar on pairing essentials for turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings; go easy on the portions though, lest you fall asleep from the tryptophan and miss out on pumpkin’s pie.

Firefly is open 10 to 11, 365, so pair up and drink up, cause its time you got all growed up.