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Get Hassled

There was a time when men were inspired to action by duty, responsibility and patriotism. And then weed and video games came along and instead we became motivated by snacks and Call of Duty 2. For guys looking to turn up the dial on their ambition, there’s

It’s 7am and you have a busy day ahead. You really would love to roll out of bed, skip over to the shower, and effortlessly don impressive and well ironed attire. But the thing is, your hand keeps robotically slamming down on the snooze button and those damn eyelids of yours keep shutting.

But wait, the phone is ringing; who could be calling you so early and why are they shouting at you about being a lazy bastard? You should know, because you hired them to do it.

Hasslers is a Victoria based company that emails, texts or calls you with reminders and motivation as frequently as you want. To get started simply fill out their online form with your preferred dates and times when you want their pain in the ass staff to contact you, along with deets on what it is you want to be hassled about.

No more unfinished manuscripts, half-painted portraits, or un-stocked up on toilet paper.

With text messages costing as little as 79 cents (up to a $1.69 for a personal phone call) it’s a small price to pay for making sure you get your sh*t done.

Hasslers is doing a limited time free trial, so get your mother to remind you to sign up tomorrow.