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Roller Derby: Girl on Girl Traction

Let’s face it, most men stopped watching women’s sports the day Anna Kournikova left tennis after a post-dramatic stress injury resulting from a disturbing sexual experience with Enrique Iglesias (from which there was no “Escape”).  To get re-acquainted with vigorous female competition while enjoying a few brews, check out the Terminal City Roller Girls League.

Invented in 1920s America, roller derby has evolved into a predominantly female sport – and one that is fiercely aggressive. The Terminal City Roller Girls, have been staging comps in Vancouver since 2006 and now feature eight teams.

With teams like the Faster Pussycats and Public Frenemy and players like Ravishing Red Death, Violet Deterrent and Twisty Hurtzmore it’d be best you leave your dainty female athlete stereotypes at home.

Derby bouts, as the matches are known, feature two teams each with one “jammer” who race around the track attempting to pass opponents to score points. Four teammates act as “blockers” to try and create a path for them. The result is a lot of bumpin’ and thumpin’, often leaving players bruised and bloody, and the fans wondering why Drew Barrymore turned Whip It into a PG chick flick when it could’ve been a bad-ass NC17.

As if this wasn’t enough of a pitch, note that all this is done while they are adorned in booty shorts and you are imbibing brews. And sold.

This Saturday, June 9th see the TCRG All-Stars go head to head with Seattle’s Rat City All-Stars at Minoru Arena in Richmond.

Tickets are $15 and doors open at 5pm with the first whistle at 6.