Gourmet Picnics for Pick Up

Gourmet Picnics for Pick Up

It’s a little known fact that Christopher Columbus found America not because he was chasing down a trade route to India, but because his wife demanded he fetch her something to spice up their morning porridge. And so the Americas were discovered due to one man’s attempt to appear “thoughtful” to his significant other. To score some thoughtfulness points of your own while enjoying the last days of summer, check out Provence Marinaside’s picnic basket lunch service.

A man who secretly prepares a picnic date in the park is at the pinnacle of thoughtfulness. Attractive basket, check. A delicious gourmet spread, check. A selection of fresh fruit to hand feed one-another; what a Casanova!  But how can you be expected to prepare all this when the NFL season just started? You can’t, so Provence Marinaside will do it for you.

Provence, located on the seawall in Yaletown just a couple minutes walk from green space with ocean views, will pack a delicious lunch for two including 2 beverages, 5 choices of antipasti, 2 choices of dessert, 2 portions of seasonal fruit, and half a baguette. Placed inside an attractive wicker basket including plates, cutlery and glasses there is literally nothing for you to do besides find a pretty place to park your asses. You simply return the basket after your date is done (you may want to arrange next day delivery given the high potential for post-picnic panky).

It’ll cost you $38 bucks, but they guarantee it’ll get you to Level 5 on the thoughtfulness meter; a feat so rare even Luke Skywalker didn’t reach it after saving Princess Leia from the Death Star.

So roll out of the indent in your couch, put down the potato chips and surprise that special lady with a day she’ll never believe you could pull off by yourself (because you didn’t).