Vancouver street art

Gritty Street Portraits

Street portraits are more than often stenciled by the crazy homeless guy who leaves you wondering if it was his drunken doodling or whether you actually do look like a Clint Howard, Sarah Jessica Parker hybrid (oh the humanity!). To get a portrait that captures the real you, check out Robert Mearns.

Mearns is a local artist who creates gritty portraits of both strangers and friends, capturing idiosyncratic expressions that are serious, quirky and even aggressive.

Rather than focusing on a simple smile, Mearns will take hundreds of photos of his subject just to find one moment when their guard is let down and the intimate can become animated. He’s interested in recording expressions that cannot be faked;like the second right before a sneeze or that moment in grade 7 when you realized teach was calling you up to the blackboard after you had been busy having dirty thoughts about the lunch lady for the past fifteen minutes.

Great as a unique gift for your lady friend (diamonds are forever, but her wrinkle-free face isn’t) or to start your own personal portrait library (you narcissist), check out Robert Mearns.