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Hopscotch Festival – An Education in Libation

Mixing your alcohols often leads to interesting evenings. Like that night you went from beer bongs to Jagger Bombs and woke up at a bus stop in Surrey wearing a hospital gown and roller-blades. For another round of poison mixing you won’t regret, grab your ticket to this year’s Vancouver Hopscotch Festival.

Now in its 15th year, the Vancouver Hopscotch festival is a week long ode to whiskey, scotch and premium beer. From November 14-20, Hopscotch will host events around the city that are meant to educate as well as inebriate. Take a class on the brown booze of the world or on pairing beer with cheese or even chocolate. Each Master Class, as Hopscotch calls them, includes samples of the featured liquids and costs $25, but is guaranteed to give you an education in libation so next time your step dad talks about “germinating” and “marriage” you know not to smack him for talking bad about your mom.

If you want to skip class and head directly to the party, make sure you grab a pass to one of three Grand Tasting Hall events on November 17, 18 and 19. A sellout every year, the evening shindigs feature over 250 exhibitors who trade tokens for tasters of their products. The first five tokens are included with admission and a buck each after that.

Hopscotch Master Classes go down at the Legacy Liquor Store on Manitoba St, and the Grand Tasting Hall events are at the Rocky Mountain Station in East Van. For all three nights of the Tasting Hall, the Hopscotch Festival is providing free transport downtown on their luxury bus after the show. Those who take the bus will score a free pint of beer once they are dropped off at Doolin’s Irish Pub, which is perfect because the sobriety defying night is young and you still need to track down some roller blades.

Tickets to this amaze-balls-of-a drink fest go on sale to the public on October 5th, but if you get on their mailing list you can pick them up starting this Friday.