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Mexorean Mobile Meat Munchies

Bringing nations to the table always ends the same way: The USA steals the leftovers, Iran threatens to devour all the latkes, North Korea refuses to sit next to anyone, and China picks up everyone’s tab (at a healthy interest rate). Fusing nations together amicably, Ursu Korean BBQ food cart.

Started by two Korean mothers, this mobile meat machine is serving up a deadly combo of Mexican tacos and marinated Korean meats right next to the library at Georgia and Richards. Sink your teeth into Mex-orean temptations such as BBQ Korean beef (bulgogi), spicy chicken (buldak) or tofu tacos with kimchi; or try other eats like steak dogs and quesadillas, all using traditional Korean-style bulgogi meat.

Topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and shredded mixed cheese, Ursu prepares a gut pleaser of a taco that makes you wonder why there aren’t a pile more fusion foods available: Chinese Falafals? Italian Pad Thai? Indian Souvlaki?

For just 3 bucks, it’s a small price to pay to help ease the long-standing feud between Mexico and South Korea on who has the most outlandish neighbour.