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Not a Dinner for Schmucks

For most people, great big dinners with eccentric strangers only happen around the holidays, when crazy Uncle Larry shows up uninvited and drinks too much eggnog, challenges you to an arm wrestling competition and passes out in the back yard groping a garden gnome.  For a feast with strangers that won’t tell you how much they bench pressed when they were your age, check out The Social Feed.

The Social Feed is essentially a big dinner party for young urbanites who don’t know each other yet. Or, as the three UVIC grads that started the business put it, it’s more like a party at dinner.

According to the founders, the concept started with inviting friends for supper, and then expanded to friends of friends. They discovered that as the notoriety of their little supper parties grew, the gatherings with the most strangers were always the most lively and memorable. From this realization The Social Feed was born.

Dinners are held at various restaurants around Vancouver, with an emphasis on under-the-radar, independent, top quality spots.  Meals are organized to maximize social interaction, with seating around a long table, and the food served family style (sharable plates).  And to answer your question, bachelors, yes, there’s a very attractive ratio — so shine those shoes, product up that hair and please, don’t forget your bib at home.

With dinner priced around $20 bucks including tax and tip, it’s a much cheaper way to make friends when compared to your original plan of purchasing a bunch of Japanese robot companions.

Get apprised of upcoming dinners and start upgrading your entourage at the next Feed.