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The Weekend Briefing (Sept 21)

The weekend is approaching and you need to get out of the house so you stop crying over R.E.M.’s break up. Everybody hurts sometimes, so here are some ideas to help get you through this difficult period.

Tunes, Brews and a Delicious Roast
2011 Olio Festival

Most great music festivals have lots of music, drinking and comedy roasts of in office mayors. Well, at least that’s how Vancouver’s Olio Festival kicks off tonight at 560 Club. Check out Mayor Robertson being insulted by someone other than the NPA, and buy a weekend pass for what should be a great four days of independent music, comedy, art and skate culture. The full pass will cost you $50 and get you access to shows across the city Thursday through Sunday. With Caribou Brewing sponsoring all the hijinks you can expect a hops filled weekend of good times.

Get in on this roasting action.

Get Comfortably Numb for a Great Gig In the Sky
Pink Floyd Laser Show
This weekend step back into the psychedelic ’70s at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre’s Pink Floyd laser and light show. Check out Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall, and relive the era of platforms and b-bottoms without feeling like a square if you aren’t down wit da boogie. Just don’t lay a gasser in the theatre, or you may get kicked out.

Check out the show times if you don’t want to just be another brick in the wall.

Sporting Action
Giants, Caps, Nucks
Okay, so the naked gals of wreck beach have covered up for the rainy season, but that doesn’t mean there’s no other sporting to be done. On Friday at 7:30 pm, the Giants take on the Victoria Royals; on Saturday at 7:30 pm, the Whitecaps are back in full-swing vs the Sounders in their last game at Empire Field; and, lest we forget our beloved Canucks, who lace up for some pre-season action on Saturday (7:00 pm) to take on the not-so-mighty Ducks, who have spent their entire summer waiting for Emilio Estevez to return home and teach them the dreaded Flying V.