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The Weekend Briefing

It’s the end of September and summer, so it’s time to hit the streets for a last hurrah before the month of giving and spooking kicks in. To help you out, we’ve got a kick ass weekend planned meant to intoxicate, educate and well, geek-ificate.


Being culturally aware can be difficult, like the time you showed up to an Italian business meeting wearing a kimono, kippa and clogs.  Starting this weekend enjoy worldly culture without the worry of making a gaffe at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Running from September 29th to October 14th this year’s VIFF showcases 375+ films from 75 countries, including Gala Films like The Skin I Live In (Spain), Mitsuko Delivers (Japan) and Starbuck (Canada), about a man who’s major financial success has come from his prolific donations of sperm (no wonder he was able to open all those coffee shops). Tickets go for $12 for singles or $10 for weekday matinees, or you can splurge for multi-ticket packs, available at the box office and online.

Check out showtimes and the sched here.

Tequila Sunset

Up until now, getting intimate knowledge of Tequila was something you did at 3am in the presence of your toilet bowl. This weekend learn the method behind the madness that is not only Mexico`s national liquor but the driving force behind such fine films as Girls Gone Wild Mazatlan. Saturday afternoon join certified Tequila examiner Eric Lorenz for an intoxicating journey into the rich culture & history surrounding the fabled beverage. Tickets are $45 and include a guided tasting of 5 ultra premium Tequilas, as well as some appetizers.

Take a shot at picking up a little more cultura.

May The Force Get Down With You

Whether you know the difference between a Storm Trooper and Sonic the Hedgehog, checking out this weekend’s Vancouver Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy could be well worth your while. Where else can you find a trade show with vendors selling items like “phasers with real lasers”, “chainmaille armor” and, of course,  “game  accessories compatible with 4th edition dungeons and dragons”. The highlight of the conference is Saturday night’s Costume Ball, where attendees will dress up as their favourite science fiction star, down some Romulan Ale and do the Klingon boogie to the sounds of DJ Lunar spinning a genre called Sci-Trance.

We’re not making this up, and you should not pass up what should be a damn fine (space) time.

Friday Drink Specials
Start your weekend off right with cheap drinks…

$3.50 Coronas at Benny’s Bagels
$3.50 Jagger shots at G Sports
$11 burger and beer special at Hennessy Dining Lounge
$5 bottles of Peroni or Heineken at The Lamplighter
$4 pints and $16 pitchers at MIGZ
$4 Jose Cuervo at The Bourbon