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They’re All Going to Laugh at You (Hopefully)

There are some wagers so juicy they are impossible to turn down. Like the time Abraham Lincoln bet his confederate adversary, General Robert E. Lee that the Titanic was going to sink on her maiden voyage. Thinking crazy Abe had lost his mind, Lee took the bet, and the northern US has been stompin on the south ever since.

To witness the result of a similarly ridiculous wager gone awry, visit The Charles Bar at 8:30 pm this Tuesday, September 6th.

Local boy Steve Robertson couldn’t wait to take the odds when his good friend Kevin made the outrageous prediction (in pre-season!) that the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks would meet in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals.  Steve gawked, laughed and harassed Kevin for being such a complete and utter idiot – “Dude, are you a moron, do you know what the chance of that actually happening is?”. . . And so Kevin upped the ante and made a bet. If any other combo of teams made the dance, Steve would win, but if the Bruins and Canucks met in the finals, Kevin would win; even terms, ridiculously lopsided odds.

And what of the loser? Coughing up a few grand, or perhaps covering a lifetime supply of wings and beer? Nah. How ’bout being forced on stage to do a stand-up comedy routine for the first time in his life. Now that’s a bet that crazy Abe would’ve loved.

With no experience or training in the art of funny, poor Steve should make it one hilarious night of awkwardness. And to add to the cruelty factor, The Charles Bar and sponsors Greendale Productions are inviting professional comedians Kyle Jones, Dino Archie, Jesse Carroll, and Trevor Street to sandwich Steve’s act, no doubt increasing Steve’s feeling of hopelessness, while also ensuring the crowd hears at least a couple jokes about something other than Kevin’s mom.

Entrance is by donation with all proceeds going to charity. $3.50 beers and good eats abound. Show starts at 8:30 pm.