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Bachelor Parties by Ladies, For Men

Among the multitude of useful skills men bring to the human family (Spanish inquisitioning, BBQing, socks and sandal wearing) party planning doesn’t quite make the list; unless of course party planning includes organizing a War Party, but even then women had to wake men up in time for the raid. To make sure your important events are left in more capable, feminine hands, check out the Bachelor Plan.

Most Bachelor Party planning reaches its most sophisticated moment at ”Dude, you know we gotta get strippers, right?” And so strippers are gotten and they strip, and then they leave, and then the night finishes with the groom wandering the Granville strip wearing a diaper and a cowboy hat. There you have it. Another cookie cutter party to file away in the drunken night vault, alongside other non-classics such as “The Night of the Urinating in Public Ticket” and “The Night Mike Accidentally Hit on His Cousin.”

Now, imagine instead you’re surrounded by beautiful women, and you’re at a Gun Range, firing a 50 caliber Desert Eagle, to be followed by a two hour catered poker game, where you’re not the only one who’ll be putting a little skin in the game. Or maybe you and those same beauties are on a 24′ Tige Tournament boat with 343 hp and a kicking stereo, taking turns riding the wakeboard. Or perhaps you’re golfing, or fishing or … you get the idea.

These are the types of experiences Vancouver’s Bachelor Plan has been providing to guys for over six years. You choose the activity, they take care of the logistics, and they provide the gorgeous company. Known as the “Dream Girls”, these  ladies are beautiful, interesting and committed to making sure you have a great time. But although they may be escorting you, they are not escorts (in the back pages of the Georgia Straight sense), so act your gentlemanly best.

Bachelor Plan’s services start from $500 and go up based on how big and elaborate a shindig you’re planning. So gather up some dough from the guys and get ready for a party so epic that it will go down among such classics as “The Night You Got Thrown Through a Porn Shop Window”.

Leave the manly party planning to the ladies, gentlemen; and get back to doing what you do best, BBQing in your socks and sandals.


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