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Brutal Knitting: Creepy Wool Masks Approved By Grandma

The last time you wore something knitted it was that Christmas sweater made by your grandma. You remember it well — the shepherds, the manger, the Three Wise Men who kicked the sh*t out of you for wearing such an ugly ass sweater. For a knitted wool piece that will turn the Wise Men into terrified men, check out Brutal Knitting.

Started by a self-taught island gal with an affinity for the hardcore and the hellish, Brutal Knitting takes the softness and innocence of Grandma’s sweaters and transforms it into creepy, horror and sci-fi inspired knitted wool hats and balaclavas.  From googly-eyed green monsters to a grey horned goat demon with floppy ears, to a navy-blue Predator and a cigar-smoking Bert-esque puppet, each mask is custom knitted and captures the horrific in an artistic way.

To get started on your own commission-based project simply send her an email with any horror-ific (spelling puns, ha!) ideas you might have and she’ll respond with suggestions and specs; to guarantee production she requires a $75 deposit, with another $75 due when you’ve received and are happy with your order.

For those that don’t want the wool pulled over their eyes, she also does stand-alone art pieces like a Skeletor doll, a cheesburger jellyfish and a creepy eyeball, which is perfect for keeping the night’s watch so those bad-ass Wise Men don’t jump you again.

Check out her twisted designs or get in touch to start your own at

Brutal Knitting (Emailed on October 28, 2011)