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Deliciously Mangled Burgers

The last time you tried to create something worthwhile you ended up with an eight pound mangled bundle of flesh (yep, pretty sure you’ll never be responsible for Thanksgiving turkey again). To hang out with folks that value creativity, especially when it ends with a delicious deformity, try Romer’s Burger Bar.

The creation of Executive Chef Jim Romer who trained at the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America, not the other one) Romer’s is a well-designed, comfortably seated burgery on West 4th, plating massive burgers that burst with flavour and toppings. Signature cow caskets include the applewood bacon/ amber ale cheddar/ & onion strings topped Man’s Man Burger, the always-a-crowd-pleaser Kobe Beef Burger, the five cheese Wicked Deadly Cheeseburger and the Portobello/ arugula/ garlic Boursin cheese covered Magic Mushroom Burger, which comes with an intense aesthetic appreciation for all those beautiful colours everywhere.

Educating not only in flavour but in creativity, Romer’s hosts Burger of the Month contests, where patrons suggest a recipe they feel embodies the spirit of the month; like October’s winner, the Roctober Feast Burger — a spiced pork patty topped with beer braised sauerkraut and Bratwurst sausages. Monthly winners are well rewarded with ticks to events like three course dinners or a Turducken feast, which is professionally prepared so you don’t spend hours attempting to stuff a chicken into a duck into a turkey, only then to remember that you’re actually a vegan.

Besides the beef, they’ve also got sides like braised short-rib poutine, gorgonzola garlic sauce, and fresh cut fries in double cooked sea salt, as well as a booze menu that spans from locals like Stanley Park Amber Ale, to specialties like the R Beerita (Rocky Mountain Pilsner, Olmeca tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice), and non-alchies like the Kick Start Power Juice that is sure get the creativity flowing so this time you name your little eight pounder something other than Butterball.

Find pics of their burgers and other eats here, along with info on drink specials, like their Sunday $3 caesars and pints of Rocky Mountain Pilsner.