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Drink Like a Saint

Achieving sainthood requires years of intensive training; from the schooling in theology to the daily philosophizing over complex concepts like the doctrine of original sin. . . I mean, when is one to find the time for all that hedonistic lusting required by the Church. For a heavenly experience with no training necessary, visit St. Augustine’s Craft Brew House.

Located on The Drive, just off Broadway, St. Augustine’s Craft Brew House & Kitchen is a beer lovers’ haven with 40+ taps all from locally sourced microbreweries with every beer style imaginable – ales, stouts, porters, lagers, pils, wheats, you name it. Some standard brews are always available and others are seasonally rotated – a good thing too, cause the last time you accidentally drank Winter Ale in July you ended up at Kits Beach wearing a down parka and a ski mask.

Pints run from a modest $5.50 up to $7.50, or for $8.50 you can get the sampler tray which includes 4 glasses of any of their draught. Before choosing, look to their Live Beer Menu which displays all their available brews on tap, their respective alcohol content, and the exact percentage of each draft remaining. If you’re a betting man, place wagers with your friends on which tap you can dry up first, then proceed to drink your face off in the name of St. Augustine’s concubines.

Beers range from the locally produced (Howe Sound, Storm, Central City, and Driftwood breweries), to some imports (mostly from the western US) and a few organic brews like Back Hand of God, which you will receive if you don’t say your Hail Marys before taking your first sip.

With TVs literally everywhere you turn, this is a great spot for sports. But get there early on game days as it fills up fast.

St. Augustine’s Craft Brew House (Emailed on October 19, 2011)
2360 Commercial Drive; 604-569-1911, Map