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Free Spirit Spheres

Every guy has a bit of an Avatar fantasy. You know, the one where you escape into an unknown and exotic world inhabited by an ancient, noble people at one with nature and fall deeply in love with a tall tanned beauty who can see through your rough veneer deep into your peace lovin soul? Well, sorry to tell ya that ain’t happenin brother, but for a Na’vi-esque tree house experience that won’t leave you feeling blue: Free Spirit Spheres.

Walk into Vancouver Island’s west coast rainforest and you may come across a hanging spiral staircase. Climb this staircase and you’ll find one of three spherical tree houses, suspended with cable high above the forest floor. These are the ingenious invention of Tom Chudleigh, an eccentric former boat builder and engineer, who developed the concept mostly while dreaming and meditating, before using his technical skills to take the idea from the metaphysical to the real world. What his subconscious created and his hands built are some pretty trippy tree houses that combine luxurious comfort and a surreal setting.

According to Chudleigh, each of his three spheres has its own name and personality. Eve is the modest girl of the bunch, with a single bed and a cozy living space, perfect for the solo adventurer. Whereas spheres Eryn and Melody are built for couples, with double beds and mood lighting. All three spheres are heated and powered, with built in speakers for those who wish to bring their own music or video devices; and they even have coffee, which is totally what you would’ve missed the most had you run away to Pandora.

The Free Spirit Spheres are located on 5 acres of scenic property near Qualicum Beach. Per night rates vary from $105 for Eve to $205 for luxurious Melody, with discounts for multi-night bookings.

With this great find you are oh, so close to living your dream. Just find yourself an exotic hottie downtown (Saturday nights at the Red Room), hop on a ferry and expand your Sphere of consciousness.