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Good Wood for Your Wrist

Most people assume their wristwatch comes from the workshop of some Geneva-based Gippeto, when in reality it’s made by a Little Bobby Bangladesh who got his job thanks to his bitty fingies (perfect for attaching those tiny dials). For a timepiece made from Canuck instead of kid labour, try Tense Wooden Watches.

Tense Wooden Watches has been manufacturing high quality wooden wrist bling out of its Coquitlam, BC shop since 1971.  Expertly hand-crafted, these new tickers are made entirely from Sandalwood or Maple, save for the numerals and the state-of-the-art Miyolta 2035 movement, and features either the traditional dial ticker or a digital display.

Watch styles vary from the Sport Collection and Multi-Function to Bangles and Beads. Or for a classier, colonialist look, check out their Pocket Watches, which are perfect for dinner parties, or to don while gazing through your monocle and wondering out loud where that darned Little Bobby is with your order of 10,000 hand-knitted silk ties.

For the naturalists rather than colonialists, note that all Tense’s wooden bands are hypo-allergenic; made so no metal touches the skin, with each watch a unique, one-of-a-kind timepiece made from the world’s best natural materials from Africa and India, and hand-crafted locally in British Columbia.

Tense watches go for between $89 and $189; a cheaper alternative to the Fossil’s, Diesel’s or Nixon’s, and one that is sure to say to the ladies, “I’m unique, local, and have quality wood”.

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