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Hip Hop Karaoke

Up until now the closest you’ve come to rap battling 8 Mile style is shoutin out radio rhymes in your ride on the way to the office every morning. For an opportunity to showcase your spittin skills in front of folks other than your fellow carpoolers, check out Hip Hop Karaoke.

With beginnings in NYC, HHK hit Vancouver in December 2009 when Fortune Sound Club began passing out the mic to closet hip-hop heads looking to showcase their skills. Since then, the once-a-month parties have spurred a large and passionate following of people who love hip-hop and love sippin on gin and juice on Monday nights.

Unlike typical Karaoke there is no teleprompter and no tranquil images of the Filipino countryside; just you, a lyrical cheat sheet (for some real street cred do it from memory), a DJ who cues up the authentic instrumental track of your song, and the evening’s host, another MC, who’ll act as your hype man and offer backing vocals. Then B-Rabbit, it’s just you and the audience.

Whether you’re looking to bring the house down, or be part of the brought down house, you’re in luck this month as HHK is hosting two special nights. Tonight, Fortune hosts a R&B edition for those looking for something a little more sensual; note that pants are still required even when performing R-Kelly. Then on Monday, October 31st it’s time to channel your inner J-Zombie for a Halloween edition of HHK.  Performers must be in costume, so there is a high likelihood of witnessing a Charlie Sheen throw down some beats to the tune of Dr. Dre ft. Eminem’s “I Don’t Need a Doctor”.  And gents, if you’re the Charlie who can trick out these rhymes, then you may just find yourself an adoring treat.

Lose yourself at either one of these hoppin events by sending an email to Fortune with your song choice, if you want to perform. Or if you just want to witness the music, the moment, then get there before the 10pm start time. Entrance is $10.

Throw on your best M&M or Snoopy costume and get rappin’ at Hip-Hop Karaoke this Halloween.