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Ordering, Eating, Food Coma-ing, All From Your Couch

It wasn’t long ago that delivery meant choosing between oil slick Dominos and MSG marinated Mr. Han’s Chinese; a time when the only thing that could improve your Pizza and TGIF night was if that delivery boy showed up a minute late so you could tell him to take that bill and shove it. For a timely delivery service where  the world is your oyster, and we’re sure you can order that too, check out Just-Eat.

Further destroying the Yellowpages’ role as the last minute guide for getting your grub on at home, Just-Eat is an online food ordering and delivery service that is fast, secure and stacked with variety. With a giant and continuously growing selection of restaurants throughout Vancouver and Burnaby, they’ve got you covered whether you’re jonesing for Thai, Japanese, Indian, or just some simple ‘Za.

Forget about the phone negotiations your father conducted with the neighbourhood pizza joint (“but what’s the price if I buy breadsticks AND a 2L bottle of Root Beer?), Just-Eat puts all the menu items online so all you have to do is choose the restaurant, select what you want, pay by card, and wait for it to arrive. If you’re trapped in 1999 and still don’t trust the interwebs, you can pay by cash at the door as well.

Depending on the joint, delivery charges range from a high of a couple bucks to completely free; leaving you a few extra dollars in your pocket to tip that poor delivery guy, who deserves every penny for having to see you in your favourite pair of stretchy waistband K-Mart pants.

Check out their customer ratings for recommendations on the top restaurants in their directory and get ready to get fed.