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Licious Living: Fast Food That Makes You Fit (Into Your Pants)

As most men know, when it comes to cooking, the less you have to do the better. The Frozen Dinner mafia has known this for years and taken advantage of men the world over with their overpriced cardboard chicken concoctions. But your time has come, Godfather Swanson. Now, when a man is hungry, he no longer has to subject himself to a Hungry Man, thanks to Licious Living.

For office drones living and working downtown, it’s not uncommon to do a pilgrimage to the local take out joints a couple times a day; and in return all you get is a fat gut (and a lighter wallet). Imagine how much guilt free beer you could drink on the weekend if you actually grubbed healthy during the week. Now, since your momma ain’t packing your lunch box anymore, Licious is here to fill the void with pre-packaged meals that only require a microwave and an appetite.

To get started you go on their website, select the meal plan you want to follow that week, and every morning a set of fresh meals will magically appear on your doorstep – or with your doorman – or your mamma can go outside and pick them up for you. The meals are kept fresh on ice and the cooler is locked with a super James Bondesque security tag. (A deposit of $55 is required to make sure the coolers are all returned, of which $50 is refundable). All you gotta do is pop them in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a gourmet, healthy meal.

While you don’t have to be lookin to drop pounds to want to sign up, these meals are packed with lean meats, veggies, fruits and nuts; so get ready for your before and after pic, fat ass, because you’re about to become the first winner of Canada’s Biggest Loser. Most guys will require the 2 meal and a snack a day option, which at $30, is a lot cheaper than that vintage Billy Blanks VHS package you were planning on picking up on Ebay (because you know Tae-Bo is the only true path to fitness and funk).

Check out their meal plans to start your love handle reduction program.

Licious Living (Emailed on October 26, 2011)
316-736 Granville St; 604 685 5829, Map