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Nostalgic Links

There aren’t a lot of ways to express yourself in modern office garb. And when you do come up with something creative, it usually backfires. Like the time your colleagues gave you the nickname Kris Kross and your boss told you to turn your pants back around. To express your own retro style without the risk of your boss telling you Jump, Jump — to a new job — check out Nostalgic Links.

From a Vancouver-based designer who’s as easy on the eyes as her product is on the cuffs, Nostalgic Links is a massive line of anything-but-normal cufflinks that pimp your wrist with retro and vintage inspired artwork (whimsical phrases, vintage art, old school toys, pop culture icons, etc.). The cuffs include 3/4in rounds and squares that’r silver backed or wooden and tiled with retro travel images of iconic locales à la NY, Hawaii, Paris; transportation-related vintages of Cessnas, Viking ships and Hot Rods; and some fronted with sports-related motifs like the Eh Team, which is no doot patriotic but also a good reminder that you do, in fact, pity da fool. Other choices range from the Wooden Vintage playing cards (King of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts); to handlebar moustaches and ninjas; to traditional block Legos and Lego figurines like the Pilot, Fireman or Sumo Wrestler.

Each link is either one of a kind or a limited edition and is guaranteed to be a conversation stoker, which is perfect for distracting George from marketing when he starts bragging about what a Daddy Mac he was in his day, even though the whole office knows you were the real Mac Daddy.

Improve your individuality in literally a hundred different ways at Nostalgic Links.

Nostalgic Links (Emailed October 14, 2011)