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Duty Calls, Shoot Some Balls

Everyone knows Thomas Hobbes as the pessimist philosopher who said that men live a life of “continual fear, and danger of violent death”, which is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” But to be fair, what most history books leave out is that Hobbes muttered this famous phrase just after getting shot in a rather heated game of paintball. And it was a nut shot; he was usually a rather chipper guy. For a chance to get all brutish and nasty, if only for an afternoon, check out Richmond Indoor Paintball.

War may be hell, but as every ten year old boy knows, pretend war is a damn blast. To bring out that kid in all of us, Richmond Indoor Paintball has created a madly realistic, fully licensed and air conditioned facility for adults to have some seriously deadly fun. Replicated on battle locations from the video game Call of Duty, the 25,000 square foot facility is the largest indoor paintball field in Canada, complete with parked cars and multi-level buildings, turning a faux city environment into the perfect killing zone.

To ensure you reach your cap-busting potential, they’ve got some pretty bad-ass Markers (aka paintball guns). With names like BT Ninja and Omega, your shots are sure to fire silently and right on time. For a few extra bucks, upgrade to the Elite Rental, which includes a grenade and the fully-auto 13 balls per second Delta Elite marker, which will Jackson Pollack your enemies so thoroughly you can drag out their lifeless body and sell them at a noveau art show.

Entrance to the field is $25 and rental to get you up and running is $15. Balls cost extra. That’s what she said.

Click here to visit their website and book your Hobbesian adventure.

Richmond Indoor Paintball (Emailed on October 18, 2011)
160-6631 Elmbridge Way, Richmond; 604-278-8897, Map