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The Weekend Briefing (October 7th)

It’s been a bit of a rough week. The rain has returned, the legendary Steve Jobs died, and your girlfriend dumped you for a cardboard cut out she made from the nude Kesler photo. Under these circumstances, some of us wanna laugh, others drink, and some just want to eat turkey and pass the f@#$! out. No matter your preference, we got you covered.

Vancouver Theatresports
Damnit Jim! I’m a Comedian not a Physicist

Space is a funny place.  Weird looking beings, ridiculous outfits, interspecies dating faux-pas; it’s like a weekend at your Uncle Hal’s farm in Manitoba.  Fortunately, you only have to travel to Granville Island to get in on this kind of hi-jinks. The Vancouver TheatreSports League’s Ultimate Improv Championship features the GALACTIC SHOWDOWN at the Improv Centre on Granville Island.  Every Thursday night for the past year, teams have challenged each other in a long-form improv competition, the Ultimate Improv Championships. Now, the Ultimate Improv Champions will be competing for the distinction of being the best improvisers in Vancouver with the last hurrah this Saturday night.

The action goes down Friday and Saturday night at 8pm and ticks are $21.

Legendary Long Weekend
Burn that Turkey at The Waldorf

If aliens aren’t your thing, you’re sure to find some other interesting creatures at the Waldorf on Sunday night.  Now in its 8th year, the Legendary Long Weekend Turkey Burner will no doubt be the Kryptonite to your Tryptophan problem. They’ll have four rooms with four different sounds, including DJ’s Fred Falkeand Lifelike of Paris, France. If French House isn’t your “sac”, they’ll be spinning underground house, drum and bass, and a room where anything goes.

Ticks are $15 bucks and advance purchase is recommended.

Full Course T-Giving Feast
The Gramercy Grill

So for this year’s turkey dinner you don’t want to take your special someone to Denny’s, again. Instead, check out the three course gobbler dinner at Gramercy Grill. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Gramercy Grill is doing a three-course T-giving feast that includes your choice of an appy, main and desert. Start with an organic green salad, butternut squash soup, or potato soup; move on to an oven roasted turkey, glazed ham or pan-roasted shrimp stuffed sole; and finish off with a pumpkin pie, pecan pie or vanilla gelato. Yep, for $25 it’s almost like they’re paying you to eat their bird.

Make a reso to get in on this trytophan action.

Not feeling the Gramercy? Check out other full course options here.