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The Weekend Halloween Briefing

It’s Halloween weekend, which means you can either get choked out by a Biff Tannen dude dressed as a grizzly bear, or get shit-hammed while solving a murder. Your choice.


For two nights (October 28th and 29th), Fresh Air Cinema will be hosting Vancouver’s first ever Halloween drive/walk/bike-in movie series at 200 West 1st Avenue. Catch Gremlins on Friday or Beetlejuice on Saturday. Showings start at 7pm both nights and will cost you 20 bones if you want to view from the comfort of your own car. If you’re cycling or walking it’s free and you get VIP seating right upfront. Just remember not to say Beetlejuice three times, cause if you do we all know what happens – Michael Keaton appears asking why he hasn’t made a movie in 10 years and you have to remind him it’s because he played that ridiculous character Beetlejuice.

Ticket purchases and Beetle repellent here

Fresh Air Cinema
200 W 1st Avenue, 604-484-5331, Map


Zombies are getting all the attention these days and the rest of the dead world is so pissed off they organized a march. Join all the ghouls and ghosts on Saturday at 5pm for the Parade of Lost Souls along a hellishly pimped out route in East Van.  To find out the secret starting location, check out the Lost Souls Facebook page for an announcement on Saturday morning.

When you’re done the stroll, make your way to the Parade of Lost Souls Dance Party which goes down at the Maritime Labour Centre and features DJs Cherchez La Femme, MY!GAY!HUSBAND!, Rico Uno, and Timothy Wisdom.  Dress up as a dead Charlie Sheen and tell the ladies you might have drank too much tiger blood, but your warlock brain tells you they’re winning and if they don’t like you, they must be with the trolls. Tics for the dance party are $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Party tickets and parade info this way

Maritime Labour Centre
1880 Triumph Street, Map


Sherlock Holmes once said that a man must never trust a dinosaur, especially if that dinosaur is dressed as a man. Who knows what the hell that means, but Holmes was a drunk; and you can be just like him this Friday, October 28th at Science World during the adults-only murder mystery evening. Dress as your favourite cape-wearing, crime-solving gumshoe and try and crack the case while you get completely Sherlocked at the cash bar. Just watch your back around Bronto the Saurus, as he may have killed Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the candlestick. And you don’t want to be next.

Super sleuth your way into this party

Science World After Dark