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This Weekend: Spokes, Spooks and Spanikopita

It’s been a rather normal week for you in our beloved city: you’ve cried at the return of the rain, you’ve cursed then cheered then cursed at Luongo, you beat the sh*t out of a celebrity because you wanted to see if Bumblebee would save his ass. Yep, a typical week. So this weekend get out of the normal by racing around a mini drome on your bike, taking your date somewhere she least expects, and shoving your face full of Greek eats.
Red Bull Mini Drome

If covering yourself in leathers and riding your pink Vespa around Stanley Park isn’t exciting enough for you, check out Vancouver’s first Red Bull Mini Drome. Using a scaled down velodrome (those weird indoor oval bike tracks), contestants whip around a mini track not much bigger than your basement to see who can complete ten laps in the shortest time.

If you’ve got a single speed (26″ or larger) and the street skills to back it up, then register for this free event at Super Champion Bike Shop (245 Main Street) and test your mental stamina, concentration and strength. If you’d prefer to witness cyclists losing their own concentration and flying off the track headfirst into innocent bystanders, then you can do that too.

This free event runs this Sunday with qualifiers starting at 12pm and the main event kicking off at 5:30pm. There’s also an after party starting at 8:30pm at The Cambie.

Red Bull Mini Drome Deets

Dunbar Haunted House

You’ve been out with this girl a couple times now, you think it’s going well. You’ve taken her to the movies, bought her dinner, even kissed a little; so, everyone knows it’s time to take it to the next level – scaring the bejesus out of her.

This weekend surprise your date with a trip to Dunbar Haunted House and play the strong silent type (as in quietly terrified). The house features an array of spooky performers and displays; including plenty of surprise Zombie attacks that’ll drive your date straight into someone else’s arms, because you already ran out screaming when you saw that terrifying Sarah Jessica Parker mask.

To accommodate its ever growing popularity, the house has moved locations and is now near the Marine Drive Canada Line Station. Entrance is $10 and the show runs until 10pm on Sunday through Thursdays and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Full info this way

Greek Food Festival

What’s going on in Greece is a tragedy and you want to do something about it. While you’re mulling that one over, stand in solidarity with your Canadian Greek brothers and sisters and go eat their food, it’s delicious. This Friday through Sunday the Hellenic Community of Vancouver will be hosting their annual Greek Food Festival. Souvlaki samurais will be grillin meat popsicles while live musical acts take the stage to tell stories of Greece that don’t involve austerity measures, or of a good girl falling for a bad news T-Bird.

For dinner, choose from Roast Lamb, ½ roast lemon chicken, moussaka, spanakopita or salmon plaki. Each entre comes with Greek salad, tzatziki, bread, vegetables, rice and potatoes – as well dessert and coffee.

The festival take place at the Hellenic Community Center on Arbutus and runs 5-11pm on Friday and 12-11pm on Saturday and Sunday. Entrance is free.  OPA!

Menu and potential bank bailouts here

Emailed on October 20, 2011