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Tours. Of Pubs.

Touring around foreign countries has its benefits. History, culture, new and exotic forms of diarrhea. But sometimes you just want to discover new things about the city you already live in. For an opportunity to dig into Vancity’s culture and history, and skip the adult diaper, check out the Tour Guys’ Beer Makes History Better tour.

Providing an entertaining and comedic take on local culture and history, the Tour Guys walking tours give insight into the quirky, unique and sometimes absurd history of our fair city; like, who knew that Gordon Campbell funded his first campaign using proceeds from his nights as a Chip n Dale dancer at the historic Penthouse. One of their most popular, the Beer Makes History Better tour explores the “naughty side” of Gastown, introducing you to the “Ps” of the era — such as pot, prostitution and prohibition — and giving you the opportunity to sample local craft beers and various appies at four different pubs, with a guarantee that once finished, you’ll not only be inebriated but also properly educated for a career in rum running.

The Beer Makes History Better tour goes every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 1:30 pm and costs $40 (a good deal considering the education comes with ample libation).

Sign up here, or learn about their other tours, like the Murder, Mystery and Mayhem tour.