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Vancouver Men’s Show: Reclaim Your Manliness

Women are doing pretty well these days compared to men: their grades are higher, they’re living longer, and, let’s face it, they’re cleaning up on Groupon; though judging by the deals, who knew women needed to Wax Off more than Daniel Larusso. For an opportunity to reclaim some gentlemanly pride and bask in being a man, check out the Vancouver Men’s Show.

Running November 18th to 20th, the Vancouver Men’s Show is the first and only men-specific consumer trade show in BC. With well over 100 exhibitors and a schedule fit for a death row inmate’s Last Day, you’re in for one helluva weekend. Think beer tasting, a tailgate party, strongman contest, shooting gallery, Segway test-driving zone, poker night with sexy dealers, hot rod display, conjugal visit with a Playboy Playmate. OK, the last one isn’t at the show, but it would likely be on the Last Day’s menu. The rest of them will be there, in addition to some kick ass booths from exhibitors like the Canucks Team Store, Maxim Canada and a slew of others, representing all the realms of consumer focused manliness. Some not to miss:

Beer Gut Bodywear: Self-proclaimed as the solution to “wild beer guts”, Beer Gut Bodywear is starting their own revolution in the form of a clothing line that represents all of you “beer swillin’, sport watchin’, couch gaurdin’, barley and hops fanatics”.

Suicidal Cycles: Creating works of art in the form of one-of-a-kind bikes, they’ll be showing off some of their bad-ass custom choppers and Harleys; like the one they made for Megan Fox’s character in the movie Jennifer’s Body. Sit in that seat and you’ve practically slept with Megan Fox, in the metaphorical sense of course, rather than the “need to get tested” sense, should Lindsay Lohan have won the part.

360 Fabrication: Providing custom fabrication and modification of pimpin hotrods, bikes, and boats these guys prove once and for all that if you’re old and run down it may only take a bit of body work to get back to beautiful (take note Cher).

The Vancouver Men’s Show will also be kicking cancer in right in the balls with several Movember themed events, including a charity auction and a contest for best ‘stache – wear one and get 2 bucks of the $10 admission price.

Vancouver Men’s Show ticks available online now.

Vancouver Men’s Show (Emailed on October 24, 2011)
Tradex Centre, Abbotsford (1190 Cornell Street); 1-604-798-1302, Map