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Zako’s Deli: Je Me Souviens That Delicious ‘Wich

Finding fresh meat can sometimes be a challenge, unless of course you’re Hugh Hefner, in which case you receive two shipments at a time almost every weekend –  and at his age, that’s a pretty full plate. For the rest of us, find your supply at Zako’s Deli.

Run by an ex-Montrealer who wanted to bring a “taste” of home to Vancity, Zako’s Deli is a small, family run, hole in the wall smoked meat shop hidden just below the “Big Pickle Awning” at the corner of Cambie and Broadway. Plating day-long steamed lean beef atop fresh rye bread, sauced with your choice of hot, regular or Dijon mustard, and sided with a pickle and a vinaigrette ‘slaw, Zako’s creates a killer Montreal Smoked Meat platter, which happens also to be Eddie Murphy’s tweet after completing a Quebec brothel tour. Choose between a small ($6.65), med ($7.95), or large ($8.95), with the large including so much meat, it will be a challenge to get your mouth around it (and if you expected some perverted joke to come next, you’ve obviously been reading a lot of Briefed).

If you’re after something other than smoked meat, they’ve also got a reubin sandwich platter that is served with swiss or cheddar and sauerkraut on a toasted ciabatta bun, deli sandwiches, poutine and a “steamie” platter, which includes two steamed all beef hotdogs served “all dressed”, incidentally Eddie Murphy’s second tweet after completing his Quebec brothel tour.

Take a peek at the menu…all the cool kids are doing it.

Zako’s Deli (Emailed on October 25, 2011)
500 W Broadway (at Cambie); 604-709-9202, Map