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3D Golf Performance: You Are About to Become a Golf Pro

The last time you tried to practice swinging you were cornered in the bedroom by a whip bearing, leather wearing, monster of a woman who told you if you didn’t pull out your long wood she’d leave you with a brutal handicap. Improving your swing without the real life danger, 3D Golf Performance.

Run by a couple of golf nuts who know a thing or two about competitive whacking, 3D Golf Performance is a one-stop-shop for all your player development needs. Their biggest draw is their Motion Analysis Technology (MAT) Performance Lab (1 of only 2 in Canada) that uses proprietary technology developed by TaylorMade for PGA Tour Professionals to train regular Joes like you to swing a club just like Tiger Woods (wait, maybe not just like Tiger Woods).

How MAT works is simple: you get suited up with mini-sensors, then start hitting some balls in a simulator; meanwhile, MAT uses a computer, launch monitor and high speed cameras to recreate a 3D motion capture image of your swing. What you’ll then have is a 100% accurate representation of what your swing looks like from every possible angle, enabling instant and accurate feedback from the golf instructors on hand. Simply put, it’s a method to improve your swing mechanics in a controlled environment. That way, you can avoid the embarrassment of never being able to get it in the hole when you’re under real life pressure.

If you don’t think that’s ridiculously amazing enough, 3D Golf also offers the highest levels of instruction from their CPGA Certified Golf Instructors; custom club fitting with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; and, an online “Student Locker” that offers 24/7 access to instructional vids, practice drills and your own personal swing history, which they’ve promised won’t include a report on that embarrassing night with the whip bearing woman.

If you’re eager to check’em out, 3D Golf will have a booth at The Vancouver Men’s Show next weekend in Abbotsford, where you’ll be able to see first hand how damn cool their stuff really is.

For everyone else, don’t putt around the opportunity, find out how 3D Golf can improve your game right here.

3D Golf Performance (Emailed on November 9, 2011)
Unit 10 228 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam, 604.521.4653, Map