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Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

Quality, Local Cuts and Sandwiches Made Fresh to Order.

For centuries Canada has had a beef over beef with the French, culminating in the Sirloin War of 1324 when the Nucks were severely out-flanked and had no choice but to relinquish their claim as “land of the best bovine”. The French held this claim until earlier this year, when us Nucks triumphantly won it back by giving the French beef, aka LaBeouf, a cinematic tenderizing on home soil. For homegrown la beef and other meats that will knock you out with flavour, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop.

Started by two guys who are not named Big Lou, Vancouver’s first nose-to-tail butcher shop is an homage to the 1930s – the parts that were less dust-bowl depression and more simple, stylish, and always smelling of meat – like the fresh, local seasonal meats from farms in Chilliwack, Pemberton and Vancouver Island that Big Lou’s offers. Choices include Prime or Triple A Sirloin, NY Strip, Alberta Tenderloin, Hanger, Ground Chuck, or Rib eye; and marinades like, Sesame Ginger, Apple Cider BBQ and Big Lou’s Cowboy Rub, which is rougher than the Swedish version, but still mighty tender once you bit into it. They also have chicken, pork, ribs, lamb and a number of in house made items such as sausage, dressings, cures and marinades.

Besides selling fresh cuts, Big Lou’s has a Brooklyn style sandwich counter where they peddle classics such as the BBQ Pulled Pork, Big Lou’s Chicago Style, and the Whole Roast Beef (a baguette layered with Triple-A roast beef, caramelized onions, and mayo made with pan drippings, all wrapped in butcher’s paper). If you’re looking for a full meal, check out their recently opened private dining room that can an accommodate 14 guests for a seated three-courser void of the unnecessary accoutrements of a regular restaurant. It’s just your carnivourous self and your Canadian shank — which has proven that it can out roast LaBeouf’s hind any day of the week.

Steak out here.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop (Emailed on November 14, 2011)
269 Powell Street, Vancouver, 604.566.9229, Map