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Blackcomb Adventures: The Backcountry Wants You

For many Vancouverites, snow based adventures consist of driving to the supermarket while concentrating on not getting into another fender bender due to the half an inch that has fallen overnight. For the rest, snow is the soft bed of a winter playground and there’s always room for more rides. For some white powder adrenaline that would make a Howe St. investment banker jealous, check out the following activities at Blackcomb Adventures.

Dog Sledding: Ever since watching Iron Will triumph over adversity, all you’ve wanted to do is be a musher; for years you kept getting R&B albums from your parents, but you can understand the confusion. Now’s your chance to pick up the reigns for 2.5 hours in the beautiful Callaghan Mountains where an expert Musher will lead you through the whole dogsledding process, including harnessing, commanding and guiding. If you start a little later in the day, your sled will stop at an evening camp fire for a glass of sparkling wine and a snack, before a moonlit return to the real world.

Snowmobiling: So you’re no Will Stoneman and you’d rather ride a mechanical beast than be pulled by some real ones. At Blackcomb Adventures they’ve got you covered with a bunch of snowmobile tour options that range from easy rides through the countryside to intense riding through Whistler’s only high alpine bowl and powder play area. The Extreme Team Tours is designed for return clientele, experienced riders or “adventurous beginners”. At the end of your adrenaline fuelled tour, enjoy a BBQ lunch and rehydrate at their high alpine chalet.

Snowshoeing: Sometimes there is nothing more invigorating than the sound and feeling of snow crunching under your feet; this is true even without those mushrooms you got from Dennis Quaid. To experience what it’s like to be a first nation’s trapper, moving through the deeply packed snow with just the support of a trusted pair of snowshoes, take a 2 hr tour through the Whistler back-country, which ends at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre for some hot tea and bannock.

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