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Capilano Riverboarding

Because boogie boarding sounds like an interrogation technique carried out in the back of Studio 54, and surfing requires you to stand your lazy ass up, check out Capilano Riverboarding, which matches the extremeness of surfing, without the standing up part.

Started by a dude who would actually enjoy the moniker of river rat, Capilano Riverboarding offers a unique and exhilarating experience unlike any other water sport. After a lesson in river safety, complete with hand signals which presumably include how to tell the river “no means no” (something Jerry Sandusky has yet to learn), you’ll don a wetsuit, helmet and fins, grab your board, and hit the river for a 30-minute upstream training sesh to get you acquainted with paddling and maneuvering. You’ll then follow the pro guides for 4 kms through the churning whitewater and narrow canyons of Capilano River, barreling through Class III (aka pretty intense) and Class IV (aka holy f@ck!!!) rapids, all the while under the canopy of the rainforest. When you’re finished, you’ll do it again — twice, if you can handle it.

Capilano Riverboarding goes rain or shine, all year round; and you’re guaranteed to have what owner and river master Skye Macleod calls “The Ultimate Ride” — not to be confused with that Tonya Harding sex tape you’ve been keeping in your sock drawer all these years.

Capilano Riverboarding (Emailed on November 15, 2011)
4500 Capilano Park Rd., North Vancouver, 604-720-8746, Map