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Drink Your Music Library And Smelly Robots

Recommending Mixes to Match Your Tunes

Because choosing your drink according to your food is just too damn yuppie, now you can select your bev based on the type of music you’re grooving. Brought to you by an ex Apple employee, this clever website provides recommendations on what to drink based on what you’re listening to; and yes, Snoop Dogg warrants some Gin and (wheat-grass?) Juice.

Get your rhythm and booze on at drinkify.org.


Custom Labels for Your Beer Bottles

Making you feel like a beer baron, this site lets you create custom beer labels for free complete with colour graphics, custom shapes, text and banners. Now you have a way to convince someone other than those 16 year old high schoolers that the home brew you sell out of your basement is as good as Guiness.

Leave your seal at labeley.com.


Your Email Stinks

Because when you get poked you want to be able to smell it, check out Olly, the web connected robot that takes notifications off the net and spits them out as scents. You fill the removable back with a smell (oils, colognes, whiskeys..) then assign Olly to pair your smell with something like a tweet, email, or calendar reminder. No more annoying beeps and shakes; the next time someone wants to be in touch, you’ll smell them coming.

Smell yourself whenever you email yourself at ollyfactory.com