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Edible Canada: Eat Your Way Across the Country

The question of what Canada tastes like has intrigued you for years, becoming the subject of your beer fueled, post-university, cross-Canada road trip. Yes, Alberta was beefy, Montreal was exotic, Toronto was overrated; and the Maritimes, well, she left a fishy taste in your mouth. For a locally sourced experience focused on the food this time, Edible Canada.

A purveyor of all things edible and local, Edible Canada is a fixture of the Granville Island market scene. Starting out as a small retail outlet hawking food products from all over BC (formerly known as Edible BC), the store has recently expanded to include a 170-seat bistro, with a menu that’s a testament to how many delicious animals Canada is blessed to have on its collective plate: Bison burgers, beef short-ribs, roasted pork, braised lamb, duck breast, beaver jerky (we’re waiting for this one); the list goes on. And for seafood lovers they’re also slinging offerings like salmon, sablefish, and a fish and chips dish so good, it could vie for best in the city. As for sides, look no further than the crispy, fried in duck fat fries, which’ll make you wonder why you haven’t fried everything in duck fat; except that you didn’t know it was even possible.

Oh, and in case you don’t have time to watch fat fry, check out their drink menu which’s got things like – wait, what are you doing with that Caesar and delicious looking bacon? You’re putting the bacon *in* the Caesar!?!? Oh yes celery stick, it seems you’ve found your match.

Perfect for a date or a lazy weekend brunch, be a food patriot at ediblecanada.com.

Edible Canada (Emailed on November 28, 2011)
1596 Johnston Street, 604.682.6681, Map