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La Grotta: One Helluva Sandwich

Becoming a mainstay isn’t easy, unless of course you’re Brett Favre and just refuse to leave. For an old-timer that the locals don’t want to get the eff out of dodge, La Grotta Del Formaggio.

A stronghold of The Drive for 30 years, La Grotta Del Formaggio (literally: “cavern of cheese”) is a deli-cum-mini market that offers staples like dried pasta, imported sauces, oils and vinegars, coffees, gadgets (milk frothers, coffee presses, meat mincers) and, of course, cheese. From imports to local BC brands like Carmelis, Moonstruck, Little Qualicum, and Natural Pastures, you’ll find more cheese here than a David Caruso one-liner.

But the real reason you want to hit up La Grotta is for their uber-fresh, made-to-order sandwiches. Using an efficient, step-by-step process, skillfull sandwich artisans will handcraft your sammie faster than you can say Aaron Rodgers. The process starts by you choosing from various types of bread, including full or half foccacia, large mimmo, medium sub or Portugese bun. Then you pick from condiments like pesto or chipotle mayo; honey or Dijon mustard; and oil and balsamic vinegar (a popular choice for most). Add your cheese (Provolone, garlic Havarti, Edam, Swiss, Mozza, Bocconcini); and, finally, your veggies and meats, such as ham, turkey, hot capicola, Montreal smoked meat, proscuitto, roast beef and salami, which incidentally not only tastes great, but also makes for a perfect photo to text that chearleader later.

La Grotta’s sandwiches come regular or grilled, panini-style. But either way you’re guaranteed a sando so packed full of flavour your palette will be doing the Lambeau Leap.

Eat your way through their sandwiches here.

La Grotta Del Formaggio (Emailed on November 7, 2011)

1791 Commercial Drive, 604-255-3911, Map
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