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Masc: Sexify Your Face

Up until a certain age, most men’s morning routine consists of the Triple S: Sh*t, Shower, and Shave; the innovator that you are, you tried for years to combine all three into one, but your ex-girlfriend didn’t appreciate the way you left her bathtub. Now that you’re older, it’s time for you to consider adding a few steps to your morning ritual that will smooth out those stress wrinkles you got from that rather “messy” breakup. For all your male beautifying needs, check out Masc.

Women are educated on the art of keeping a youthful hue from an early age. They got their cleansers, moisturizers, hydrators, exfoliators and a variety of wraps that put Pita Pit to shame. For guys looking to keep a fresh face, the options are not as clear, enter Masc. Yaletown purveyors of men’s grooming products, Masc is a one-stop-shop for all your manly grooming needs – from shaving products, to hair, body and face products, they’ve got it all. And to help us regular joes out, they’ve provided a list of the top 3 products to incorporate into your current beautification routine (chewing your finger nails does not count):

1. Face Wash and Scrub:  A quality face wash is not the same as using a bar of soap or just water, which can dry out your skin and cause breakouts. A good cleanser helps to gently remove impurities (but not the ones you picked up at the Number 5 last Friday) and clear your pores – all without drying out your skin. Masc recommends the Menscience Daily Face Wash.


2. Face Moisturizer: One of the most important steps in your daily routine is the face moisturizer. The moisturizer helps to protect your skin as well as repair it. There are many oil-free moisturizers available that won’t make you feel “greasy,” a common concern with guys other than Ponyboy, Sodapop and the rest of the gang. Masc recommends the (Malin+Goetz) Vitamin E Face Moisturizer.


3. Face Serum: Using a serum daily can help prevent and minimize wrinkes while smoothing your skin and shielding it against environmental stress . Masc recommend the Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum – and don’t worry, Jack Black has not pranked you into putting his personal protein all over your face while wearing a panda costume – oh what a kidder!

There you have it. A new morning routine that adds a fourth S to your daily ritual – Sexify. Combining this with the first S is not recommended, unless you’re a producer of very specific, likely German, fetish movies.

Check out their complete product line for these and other menssential products.

Masc (Emailed on November 4, 2011)
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