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Smartphone-Syncing, GPS-Enabled Alpine Goggles

Because the cyborg assassins have always had a decisive advantage in the know-exactly-where-you-are-and-blast-you-at-the-perfect-moment department, the extreme sport techies at Recon Instruments have introduced MOD Live.

The next level in optic displays for alpine goggles, MOD Live is an attachable LED viewfinder that easily snaps into over a dozen goggles and boasts a micro optics full-colour, GPS-enabled, LCD widescreen display that gives you real time readouts on stats like speed, vert, airtime, altitude, and temperature; in addition to allowing you to sync it with any Android smartphone (other operating systems coming soon) to get incoming calls/texts right to your goggles, buddy tracking, and real-time trail map directions, which’ll come in handy when trying to escape a metal-alloy’d Robert Patrick.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote that velcro’s over your outerwear; and large remote buttons that make it simple to nav to your playlists, synced up camera, grenade launcher…all without having to remove your gloves.

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MOD Live Optic Display (Emailed on November 22, 2011)
Recon Instruments, 604-638-1608