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Red Card Sports Bar: Enough Beer and Sports to Guarantee You Get Called Offside

At game time, the best seats are generally at the blue line; until you consider parking, overpriced beers, and the drunk, sweat drenched Flames fan next to you who’s got a penchant for excessive back slaps—then suddenly a stool at your local pub starts to look like prime seating. To add a new player to the sports bar lineup, check out Red Card Sports Bar.

With its Euro-style, retro-chic look and higher end Italian cuisine, Red Card Sports Bar is more than just your typical street-corner watering hole. Steps in, you won’t miss the endless row of beer taps in between the flat-screens at the back bar. Their extensive collection includes over 40 beers from around the world, including Asian bottled beer, American micros and the traditional sport-related favourites, i.e. this Buds for Lou. And like any good sports bar, its TV-to-beer-tap ratio is excellent, which means you’d have to be blind to miss a shot or turnover in this joint—16 high-def TVs are scattered throughout the place, along with two monster projector screens.

With a touch of European flair, and an Italian inspired menu to match, this is a great spot to watch all your Euro league football matches while chowing down on some gourmet Za.  If you’d rather stick to local European sports stars, catch every Canuck’s game this year.

For NFL enthusiasts, head there on Sundays to score $12 pizzas and $2 discounts on select pints; or check’em out for Monday Night Football with their $3.50 hi-balls, $5 Stanley Park pints and Foosball tournament, where you’ll have a chance to tell that backslappin’ Flames fan that he’s way offside.

This way for menu deets and offside calls.

Red Card Sports Bar (Emailed on November 1, 2011)
900 Seymour St, 604-689-4460, Map