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Revolver Coffee: A Safe (Caffeine) Injection Site

It takes a lot of balls to open a new coffee shop in Vancouver; it’s kinda like starting a new clothing store in Milan, or a gyne clinic next to Clooney’s house. But if what you got is just so good, sometimes the competition can be damned. Vancouver coffee fiends, meet Revolver.

Set in an old brick building in Gastown, this hallway-sized caffeine injection site feels like a modernized gentlemen’s club with a touch of vintage, as portrayed through its exposed brick walls, wooden benches, and a wall-dominating world map of nails that indicate bean growing regions.

Run by four brothers with a stirring passion for the bean, Revolver’s a coffee-centric operation that brews made-to-order cups of joe in more ways than the average ones knew existed, like Aeropress, siphon, clever, French Press, and their primary method, a 1940s designed Chemex carafe affixed with a stainless steel Coava Cone filter, which drips a smooth brew of symphonic tasting notes. Keeping it simple, they offer two espresso flavours a day from their always rotating roasters like San Fran’s Ritual, Portland’s Kova Coffee, and Calgary’s Phil + Sebastian (also available by the bag); and use beaker-esque containers, Bunsen Burners, high-tech scales and an outright ban of all things porcelain, to remind us that this place is all about the coffee.

In the eats department, they do offer fresh-bakings straight from Café Crème (cookies, etc.) and also have a merchandise wall where you can pick up beans, carafes and hopefully a line of tranquilizers to bring you down from your caffeine induced high.

Evolve your coffee experience at Revolver.

Revolver Coffee (Emailed on November 25, 2011)
325 Cambie Street, 604-658-4444, Map
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