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The Weekend Briefing: Be a Patriot, a Wino and Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

This weekend take the time out of your busy schedule to remember all those that have laid down their lives for this great country. Then drink to the health of our nation, you wino.


If you’re looking to be a patriot and don’t have Tom Brady’s talent (there’s only one Giselle in this world after all), then head to Vancouver’s Remembrance Day ceremony at the Victory Square Cenotaph on West Hastings, at 10:30 am. Prior to the ceremony watch the lighting of the Vancouver (Olympic) cauldron at Jack Poole Plaza; then follow the parade of vets, former service personnel and Canadian Forces that will make there way to the cenotaph. The ceremony will end at 11:02 am, following two-minutes of silence. When finished, head over to Deacon’s Corner for some cheap and greasy brunch eats.

CORUNUCOPIA: Whistler’s Celebration of Food and Wine
Thursday to Sunday
When you’ve finished remembering, head up to Whistler for a weekend of food and wine indulgence. Snag one of the last available tickets for Friday’s CRUSH Gala Tasting and be introduced to over 70 wineries as you sip and sample your way through Whistler’s Convention Centre, eventually over-imbibing and forgetting your pants in the convention centre bathroom. On Saturday, get your taste on at a number of food events, such as Artisan Slow Food Market hosted at The Hilton, or the Winemaker’s Dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse. Finish the night off at the notorious Masquerave, where you’ll watch a Cirque du Soleil performance while partying until 4 am. When finished, you’ll be so crunked you may have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps; but not to worry, you just learned that magical trick from the Cirque Du Soleil guy.

Snif, Swirl, Sip & Spit your way to Cornucopia.


If you’re looking to stay closer to home, or you have a haunting fear of contortionists, then check out Warren Miller Entertainment’s new flick, Like There’s No Tomorrow. In its 62nd winter sports film, hosted by skiing icon Jonny Moseley, and showcasing pros like Chris Davenport and Colby West, you’ll take a trip across the world to spots like India, Norway, New Zealand and Chile. As with all Warren Miller films, it’s got incredible footage and, more importantly, it’s a nice reminder that four months of adrenaline-fueled shredding is on its way.

Check out the trailer here and get amped.