Tough Mudder Vancouver

Tough Mudder: The Toughest Obstacle Course on Earth

tough mudder vancouver

As a child, you dreamed of being an American Gladiator; as an adult, you once thought about doing a triathalon so you could impress that athletic chick in accounting. Lucky for you, an event so bad-ass is coming your way the kid in you will forgive you for never living up to his expectations, and the chick will be so impressed she will be interested in crunching more than your numbers. Presenting Tough Mudder.

Jogging is for chumps. Know what’s not for chumps? Slogging through knee high mud pits, dragging logs up a mountain, scrambling across free-swinging rope nets, jumping off a 15 ft wood plank into frigid water, running through flames. Billed as Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet, Tough Mudder combines all these feats and more as participants traverse a 12 mile long course of mud, sweat and tears.

Started by Will Dean, a former commando of the British Special Forces who found mainstream tests of physical prowess to be boring and inadequate, Tough Mudder’s reputation has gone viral, growing from their first event in 2010, to fourteen this year, with plans for 28 in 2012 — and lucky for you, Vancouver is their first Canadian stop.

With two event dates set for late June at Whistler Olympic Park, it’s your chance to test your badassness either on your own or as part of a team; in which case you’ll not only get a discount, but also get to recreate the manly bonding traditions of the military, without needing to smash your weakest member with a pillowcase full of soap bars.

Each day wraps up with a huge party, so if you’re not light headed enough from the electroshock therapy at the finish line, you will be after a few congratulatory beers. This, of course, only happening once you’ve been sprayed down by a volunteer fireman (but don’t tell the chick in accounting this because we all know how women like to swoon over a man in uniform, especially one with a long hose).

Register by November 3rd to get the Tough Discount.

Tough Mudder (Emailed on November 2, 2011)
Whistler Olympic Park, Map

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