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White Collar Fight Nights

Watch Desk Jockeys Duke It Out.



Everyone loves watching a good brawl. Especially when it involves a lawyer getting punched in the face. To witness all your favourite white collar workers get clocked in the jaw, check out White Collar Fight Night 10 at Contenders Training Studio.

A bi-annual charity event now in it’s 5th year, WCFN is boxing without the pros. It’s just average Joes coming to blows for three, two-minute rounds of pure sweat inducing punishment. And this is no backyard brawl. There’s an announcer, ring girls, and always a large and active crowd, giving it a truly professional feel (minus the ear biting).

WCFN was started to raise money for Athletics for Kids, so far raising over $100K and helping 500 financially disadvantaged kids by giving them opportunities in sports. To continue this momentum, Thursday’s event will see 8 desk jockeys square off, with the two main events featuring Stock Broker vs Realtor and Accountant vs Lawyer. As expected, the rivalries are heating up and the trash talk can be heard reverberating off cubicle walls. Only a few days ago Accountant (aka “the numbers man”) claimed he would WIP his adversary and depreciate his face; with his opponent, Lawyer (aka “the solicitor”), responding with a seventy-five page memo stating that beyond a shadow of a doubt Accountant would soon be “in the red”. Needless to say, it should make for one fine office brawl.

This and the other fights go Thursday, November 25th at 6pm with doors opening at 5:30.

Tickets are $35/each and selling out fast. Get them at Contenders.

White Collar Fight Night 10 (Emailed on November 18, 2011)
Contenders, 1055 Dunsmuir St., Bental 4 – Lower Plaza, 604-661-5059, Map